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The holidays are finally over for many of us across the country, and we’re ready to start back into work and life with new routines, energized spirits and a renewed outlook for health and fitness. For some, this means adopting new habits such as losing weight, and ditching unhealthy habits

Every few months we like to inform the masses of some recently recalled items that you may find in and around your home or place of employment. With the holiday and gift-giving season right around the corner, it’s important to know whether the purchase you’ve been long-awaiting is still on

The list continues for products that are recalled through the Consumer Product Safety Commission. While we often hear of toys, equipment and vehicles exhibiting issues that initiate a recall, a few that have recently made this list include a portable fan heater and a major kitchen appliance which may be

In the 1970s and 80s, crib death, also known as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), was a common cause of death in children under one year of age. Originally thought to be a brain condition of the child (and many still support the theory of oxygen deprivation at some point

Digital technology is slowly eliminating the traditional need for print shops and quick copy storefronts. But, old-school print house operations are still in existence serving businesses with print needs, and employing millions of people nationwide. They’re not going anywhere, despite the capabilities of Print on Demand and on-line ordering platforms

On October 5, 2012 a front-page article appeared in the business section of the New York Times, it’s title, “Two Sides of Product Liability – A Factory’s Closing Focuses Attention On Tort Reform”. The article tells the story of the closing of a plant in Oklahoma [with the loss of