Dangerous Products: Take Action to see Recalls


It took 27 deaths before CR Bard began to recall its G2 blood filters. It took 27 deaths before CR Bard even bothered to stop selling the product. Now NBC News wants to know why.

NBC News identifies a number of potential reasons, including:

  • Failure to identify common causes in the deaths
  • Bureaucratic issues that made it difficult to address the issue
  • Difficulties in the medical device community that restrict a company’s ability to evaluate their products

It is good that NBC News is asking these questions. Anything that brings this terrible issue to a national audience is wonderful. But the answer to why CR Bard continued to sell the product is likely very simple. Greed. The product made a profit, and so they kept selling it.

CR Bard is not the only company with such a mentality. Many big companies, including automakers, pharmaceutical companies, and even toy companies will continue to sell a dangerous product until the government tells them they can’t. They are trying to make as much money as they can before the inevitable recall.

The government will intervene once the situation gets back enough, but there is something people can do to expedite the process. If people who are injured by a product, or if family members of individuals killed by a product, band together, they can use the court systems to pressure companies to recall these dangerous products.

Oftentimes, it takes major lawsuits to effect the kind of change needed to get dangerous products recalled. Engineering lawsuits of this magnitude is difficult. If you or someone you love has suffered or died due to a dangerous product, it is important you contact an experienced attorney who can help you and others like you get the dangerous product off the streets.

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