Recent Recalls: Portable Fan Heaters and Refrigerators


The list continues for products that are recalled through the Consumer Product Safety Commission. While we often hear of toys, equipment and vehicles exhibiting issues that initiate a recall, a few that have recently made this list include a portable fan heater and a major kitchen appliance which may be in your own home. How do products qualify for the recall list, and what should be done if you find that you have purchased an item that is later determined a recallable item?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission makes it their duty to test and report new products, as well as evaluate products that have been on the market for a while. They pay attention to complaints from consumers when there is a faulty issue with the product, and track the frequency of that particular mishap or faulty construction. When the volume of complaints and incidents becomes high, they look at recalling the product in order to avoid other like injuries or accidents.

If you find that you have purchased an item that is on the recall list, whether your discovery occurs after an accident involving the product, or as a pre-warning for not having an issue occur, your first step is to stop using the product immediately. Report that product to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and take it back to the store where it was purchased. Here are a few items that have recently made the list:

  • Soleil Portable Fan Heaters sold by Home Depot; recalled due to fire hazard.
  • Viking Built-In Refrigerators with Bottom Freezers; recalled due to injury hazard when the doors detach.
  • Krankcycle by Matrix with Detachable Seat; recalled by Johnson Health Tech due to fall hazard.

It is illegal for stores to sell a product that has been issued a recall, yet many do it all the time. As consumers, we need to take our safety into our own hands and do our best to be aware of products, recalls and issues with the construction of the product. One way to stay alert regarding recalls, fines and accidents is to subscribe to news releases issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. A simple RSS feed will keep you in the loop. Another way is to subscribe to a magazine like Consumer Reports who offers information about the best made products and those on the recall list. We can’t assume that just because a product is on the market, it is a safe product.

If you or someone you know has been injured from a product on a recall list, or injured from a product in general, you could have a product liability case on your hands. An attorney in New York who is renowned for investigation and seeking justice in product liability cases will assist you in your quest for compensation.

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