Are You Living With a Recalled Item?


Take a look around your home and in your yard. Do you know the status of everything you have purchased as far as its dependability, probability for breakdown, or potential placement on the recall list? Chances are unless you subscribe to regular newsfeeds from an organization like the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), you’re not on the up-and-up when it comes to safety in your home from the products you use. Too frequently do we find out about a recalled item before it’s too late, and some of those consumer products involved could actually cause injury or death.

We know from recent reports that General Motors has recalled several models of cars due to faulty ignition switches. Vehicle manufacturers are some of the largest manufacturers around, and they will do what it takes to eventually warn the individual owners of the situation and offer to take care of any repairs or replacements. However, what about general appliances, clothing, or toys in our yards that we might not prompt manufacturers to give us a call, notice or other warming? According to the CPSC, here a few recent items on the recall list:

  • Dyson Hot and Dyson Hot-Cool Heaters: due to overheating and fire hazard
  • Excel Industries BigDog and Hustler Mowers: operation defect that causes the mower to continue moving after the passenger has come off the mower
  • Centex Home Solar Panels: due to fire hazard
  • IKEA Children’s Bed Canopies: due to strangulation hazard

Once you determine you have a recalled item, there are some additional moves you can make to ensure you are compensated in the appropriate way for the product:

  • Check the product website for a “recall item” return procedure.
  • Stop using the product immediately.
  • File a complaint or statement with the CPSC.
  • Call the manufacturer to find out what you can do to replace or return the product.
  • Speak with an attorney if someone has been injured or killed as a result of product malfunction or recall.

Product recalls are to be taken seriously, and if ignored could result in injury or death to a loved family member. If you or someone you know has been injured or died as a result of a manufacturer not taking responsibility by taking the product off the market in a timely manner, you know how devastating the case is. Fingers will point in many different directions. Deciphering the process for justice takes time, and is best handled using a Manhattan law firm who is renowned for personal injury cases.

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