New York Attorney Warns of Dremel Rotary Tool Recall


The Dremel MICRO 8050 Rotary Tool has been recalled by the Robert Bosch Tool Corp., due to multiple major issues with the device that put consumers at risk. Though there is an element of risk in most power tools, it is clear the Dremel model in question was not properly safety tested before being released to the public.

Safety testing is an important part of product development. No matter how similar a new product is to existing product lines, it can never be assumed that there won’t be unforeseen problems with the few changes that are made.

With the Dremel in question, there are three central problems that make it a danger to the public, including:

  • The circuit board of the tool can overheat and melt during normal, everyday use
  • The tool can speed up or slow down on its own, risking injury to the user
  • The tool can turn itself on, injuring whoever is holding the device

These are major issues that should have been discovered during product testing. If you have been injured Melting plastic is particularly dangerous substance, as it can emit toxic fumes as well as causing severe burns. The plastic melts to the flesh, making it difficult for a person to treat the burn at all while they wait for emergency services.

Product recalls happen all the time, which is a clear sign that products are not being tested enough before they are released to the general public. If you or someone you love has been injured by a defective product, a recall after the fact does nothing to help you. Please contact a qualified lawyer to help you press your case and get the settlement to which you are entitled.

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