Year: 2013


A train derailment in the Bronx recently left many wondering how something so tragic could happen on a commute that had occurred many times before. With speeds in excess of 82 miles per hour in a zone that dictated 30 miles per hour on an area of the track where

From October to January, many struggle with maintaining or losing weight during this festive holiday season. Overeating and drinking are out of control and we jump on any bandwagon in January to combat the extra pounds we’ve accumulated during holiday indulgences. With weight-loss choices ranging from organized meetings to magic

In general terms, personal injury is the practice of law that allows an injured person to seek compensation for injury that has been done to them by another party, whether it be carelessness or intentional. Personal injury involves harm that occurs as a result of an accident, like a car

The holiday season brings about added stress to many employees, fearing a job layoff or that they won’t receive that promised Christmas bonus. Many are laid off during the holidays as companies themselves struggle to find a balance for meeting the bottom line by year-end. Added expenses and extravagant shopping

While winter weather may mean the start of the holiday season, along with the joy of gift giving and family gatherings comes travel on roadways. We do what we can to be with our families even if it means travelling in storms, snow and ice. Sometimes a snowstorm comes with

In late November, two skydivers in Arizona were killed when they collided mid-air about 200 to 300 feet above the ground. Another was seriously injured with life-threatening injuries. In all instances, the canopies were open just as they should have been. Could these collisions have been prevented? The Federal Aviation

Writing an accident report when you have been involved in an accident is often not the first thing on your mind. You have police investigators to deal with, witnesses who you want to enlist, and coping with your own possible injuries and trauma. But, accidents reports are very important, particularly

The holidays are officially in full swing, and it’s an exciting time for everyone. Our homes are decorated, our lights are up, our driveways are scraped, and the kids can hardly contain themselves with anticipation of receiving some favorite gifts from a special holiday visitor. Along with all the festivities