Asbestos and Lead Paint: Not Always a Thing of the Past


With the cost of homes slowly on the rise, many of us are still looking for that perfect home at a reasonable price that might involve some do it your self home projects. We take these homes on to save money and time, and the extra expense of contractors who may charge and arm and a leg to remodel our home into what we have in mind that will make it a better place to live. Most home repairs can be done effectively with a little guidance, instruction and taking the proper precautions so as not to cause an accidents. Others are bigger tasks that may involve replacing than repairing ceilings and roofs, or scraping paint to repanel the walls. What harm could there be?

While asbestos was banned in 1999, so we know newer homes built after that time are safe. But, if we purchase or are in the process of remodeling a home built before 1999 asbestos may have been used in the construction, particularly on our ceilings–mostly found in the type of ceiling cover that resembles popcorn when scraped off. Paint sold these days is free from lead concentrations of a certain level, but if you have to scrape off paint that was used during the original construction of the home, you may find the several surfaces are covered with lead paint that could be hazardous. Aside from folding on the deal that results in your purchase, what can you do to stay safe while tackling the repairs on your own?

  • Always wear protective gear. That includes eye goggles, face masks, and coverings for your arms and legs. Falling debris could cause particles to become embedded in the eye, fall into ears and nose, and cause further injury dependent to the weight of the object.
  • Face and nose guards will help prevent inhalation. Inhaling fumes from old paint and asbestos over time can cause serious respiratory problems.
  • Paint chips left around are enticing to small children. Make sure that no small children or pets are in the area where they can be tempted to eat or put things in their mouths that they shouldn’t.
  • Become educated on the hazards of lead paint and asbestos exposure. Knowing what’s in store may guide you in tackling some of these jobs in a safe manner.

We like to do things on our own and sometimes don’t so what is necessary to protect ourselves. If you or someone you know has been injured, or died as a result of asbestos exposure or lead paint exposure, or if you think you have come in contact with fatal fumes and chemicals, there are many factors to settling lawsuit such as this. Enlisting the support of a law firm who know the rules and statutes of limitations will be best be able to help you with your case.

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