Holiday and New Year’s Eve Parties: Watch for Drunk Drivers


They’re out there. Drunk drivers, that is. And, especially around the holidays from the beginning of December until after the New Year. While many hosts now offer cab service for intoxicated guests or an invitation to stay overnight, there are still a few who should not be out on the road and still are. It’s the season where everyone gears up for festivities that will ring in the new year. That list includes excessive eating, drinking and unfortunately driving—not a good combination.

Drunk drivers are involved in accidents all the time, and many of those result in fatalities. Drunk drivers often do not realize their intoxication level and make poor judgment calls, something you don’t want to find out when they are on the road. They feel they can drive faster, play music louder, text and drive at that same time, and in general have quick reflexes. Not true.

When you attend a holiday party this year, here are some ways to keep your spirits up, while others may be downing one spirit too many:

  • Swap between an alcoholic beverage and water or club soda each time you order.
  • Limit yourself to two drinks at a party.
  • If you feel you might overindulge, line up a designated driver, or have the phone number of a tax service handy.
  • Eat before you attend the party, or eat while you are there so you continue to limit the amount of alcohol.
  • If you notice anyone becoming severely intoxicated, offer to hail a cab so that person does not get behind the wheel.
  • Never drive with anyone who has been drinking or taking other drugs.

Holiday parties will never go out of style, and like any celebration they are meant to be enjoyed. Keep yourself safe this holiday by practicing smarter habits.

If you have been injured in a car accident involving a drunk driver, or know someone who has, the road to recovery is long, and emotions are high at all times. Talk with a law firm who can handle your case compassionately and quickly.

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