Accident Reports: What You Need To Know


Writing an accident report when you have been involved in an accident is often not the first thing on your mind. You have police investigators to deal with, witnesses who you want to enlist, and coping with your own possible injuries and trauma. But, accidents reports are very important, particularly if you plan to meet with an attorney who will help you with your personal injury case. It’s best to have some items in hand when you do meet with an attorney, and keeping yourself organized will assist with any investigation.

Many of our cell phones have apps that will help us document the actual scene of an accident and will come in handy offering support materials in our main report. Some important things to note when compiling what you recall include:

  • Note any insurance policies including car, health, accidental and special policies you may have purchased.
  • Obtain any and all accident report copies. You may have to call some agencies to obtain this information, but what is listed may help you recall some facts that were blurry at the time the accident occurred.
  • Report objectively. That means, as hard as it will be, try to state simply the facts of the accident. Where you were, what you saw, who was present. Be careful to avoid blaming anyone: “The car purposely drove in my lane”. There are always reasons why a driver does something, and you want to remain as objectively as possible when compiling your report.
  • Gather any photos of the scene form your cell phone. Be sure they are organized so that they are at the ready when you meet with the attorney.

An accident report can be the key to a successful case, and documenting anything and all that you remember will best help your attorney move forward quickly.

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