Holiday Home Injuries: Fires and Ice and Falls, Oh My!


The holidays are officially in full swing, and it’s an exciting time for everyone. Our homes are decorated, our lights are up, our driveways are scraped, and the kids can hardly contain themselves with anticipation of receiving some favorite gifts from a special holiday visitor. Along with all the festivities also come an array of accidents that occur specifically in and around the home during the holiday and cold-weather season. Here are some likely injuries that can occur when you are doing tasks that you normally would not do the rest of the year:

  • Back injuries: Back injuries are prominent this time of year as we reach for items on top shelves that are full of holiday decorations, heaving shovels and outside tools to decorate the home, and carry multiple bags and packages from store to car to door. Lifting items properly to ensure back safety will keep you moving during this exciting time.
  • Ladder falls: Out come the ladders for decorating the tree and putting up lights. Ladder falls are serious, and can result in broken bones and head injuries. Always have someone at the base of the ladder to hold it and to spot you in case of imbalance. Be sure to reach within your limits when you are on the ladder, and move it accordingly to accomplish the task.
  • Icy sidewalks: Icy sidewalks account for a multitude of slip and fall accidents this time of year. Protect your own family and friends by laying down salt or cinders to add tread so people don’t slip.
  • Electrocution accidents: Holiday lights are plugged in outside the home, and inside along stairways, mantles and counters. Children may be curious at the new items and enjoy the flashing of plugged-in / plugged out lights. Keep all outlets safe and protected from little ones. Electrocution accident and injuries result in minor burns to horrific serious third-degree burns or death.
  • Fires: From incidents that involve oven fires to candles fires, a holiday fire is especially devastating and can put a damper on any festive celebration. Never keep candles lit overnight, never use real candles on a real l tree, and always unplug holiday lights at the end of the day.

The extra hustle and bustle bring about added activity for everyone, and routines are disrupted and disheveled as we try to accomplish everything there is to do in a season. When you take a few extra steps to ensure your safety, you won’t have to worry about accidents or injury this holiday season.

If you have been injured a the home of someone during the holidays, you may have a cause to speak with your attorney about premises liability or personal negligence. W encourage you to seek proper counsel when confronted with an injury so that resolution will happen quickly and effectively.

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