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A recent profile of Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox in Rolling Stone Magazine is drawing attention to one of the devastating psychological consequences of surviving a car accident. After he was hospitalized following a serious accident in December of 2014, Bradford Cox suffered severe depression. This is not unusual. A large percentage

These horrors are becoming more commonplace as social media, smartphones, and other electronics seem to be desensitizing a generation to violence. The newest story is particularly horrifying. A man, upon seeing a terrible car accident, rushed over to one of the damaged vehicles and pulled open the door. But instead

The risk of using cell phones and other electronic devices while driving is finally starting to hit the mainstream, though it remains much too common. Still, many people are starting to use hands-free devices, and more and more new cars are equipped with the ability to sync your phone. But

We tend to assume that everyone is capable of empathy, and so we are surprised to learn otherwise. The recent gas explosion in New York City has drawn attention to an ongoing problem, a clear demonstration that not everyone is capable of putting themselves in another’s shoes and feeling bad

A recent investigative report out of Atlanta, Georgia draws attention to a consumer safety issue that has not received much press. An investigative reporter for Channel 2, Jim Strickland, unveiled that there is a lot more to discovering the safety of a used car than just checking the accident report.

In April 2014, three people were killed when the vehicle they were driving was struck by a pickup truck going 100 miles an hour just a short way from Flagstaff, Arizona. The Hirayama family was on spring break and wanted to see more of the country. The family of four

In Arizona, sixty-one year old Dennis Binkley will never know why the woman driving the other car swerved and struck the vehicle in which he was riding head-on. When the driver of the Chevy Silverado suddenly crossed the middle line and struck the Captiva he was riding in, Dennis Binkley

With so much technology in the world keeping us updated and tuned in with work events and on-the-fly news, we’re more vested that ever in the information that comes our way. From traffic updates during our travels, to breaking news nationwide and internationally, to text alerts as part of an