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We see it happen every winter. The road freezes. It snows. The temperature warms up and melts the snow into the asphalt and suddenly you find yourself driving through a sea of potholes. It’s a vicious cycle that costs motorists millions of dollars a year in damages and repairs. This

The more miles you drive, the more likely you are to be in a car accident. That’s just common sense. There’s a reason that people who have to drive long distances for their jobs are much more likely to be injured and killed on the roads than people who do

Americans want to get where they’re going, and many people don’t like speed limits that seem too low. Anything less than 45 miles per hour is seen by many as an insult to their ability to control their vehicle. There are millions of drivers who think that, even at higher

The Good Samaritan is one of the Bible’s most famous parables. In this story, a man is brutally beaten by robbers and left to die on the side of the road. Most people just pass him by and ignore his suffering. But one person, the Good Samaritan, is willing to

An 11 year old girl and her mother were killed when a car driven by a fourteen year old rolled over after the driver lost control. The driver, with only a learner’s permit, had very little experience with highway driving when the accident occurred. Sadly, these types of accidents are

Two years ago, on November 30th, 2013, actor Paul Walker and a friend, Roger Rodas, were killed after Rodas lost control of the Porsche Carrera he was driving. The two had been at a benefit hosted by their racing team. The car struck a power pole and nearby trees. Neither

Who is responsible if a driverless car gets into an accident? As Google, Volvo, BMW, and other companies have begun to test-drive their new models in various countries, accidents have occurred. Though the companies have been quick to blame other drivers, the ultimate question of liability still remains. Liability is

Low impact is usually a good thing. Low impact exercises are easier on our joints and bones. Low impact living means less of an environmental concern for our day to day activities. Low impact keyboards help with carpal tunnel and other medical issues. But with car crashes, even low impact

As human beings, we get very wrapped up in knowing what we should do after an accident. Knowing what to do can be extremely important, especially if you or someone you love was injured. But just as important, if not more important, is knowing what not to do. Whenever a