Pink Jeep and Other Tours: Use Caution When You Are A Passenger


Jeep tours at several tourist destinations entice visitors from all over the world with their open-air designs and off-road capabilities. But jeeps in general score relatively low when it comes to safety, and the increasingly popular “pink jeeps tours” are no exception. Because of their high center of gravity, jeeps have a tendency to tip over more than other vehicles.

Operators of jeep tours are known for packing the passengers to capacity, and taking them on rides over rugged terrain. While jeeps are equipped to handle heavier terrain, they are not necessarily equipped to handle the high volume of passengers at one time. Jeeps maneuver differently than sedans and standard vehicles and are not meant to travel over 50 miles per hour. Yet, despite the “not meant to” and “not designed for” features, jeep tour companies still make a living—and the more daring, the better. If you are a visitor in a location such as Arizona or Nevada, here are some things to keep in mind before you jump on one of these unique guided tours.

  • The ride will be bumpy. The operator may not always ask you if you have any heart or medical conditions. You should never take part in a jeep tour if you are pregnant.
  • Jeeps have open tops and open sides, in most cases. Use the seat belts provided, and be sure children are strapped in. Small ones have been known to fall out or bump out of the vehicle.
  • Jeeps have a tendency to roll over. Even when roll bars have been installed, they really don’t do much to protect passengers if the passengers aren’t strapped in properly.
  • If you have the opportunity to book the tour ahead of time, check the credentials of the company and ask to see the fleet of vehicles. Are the operators familiar with each vehicle, or are they randomly assigned?

Travelling to faraway destinations is a thrill for many vacationers, and off-roading can take you to the edge of many sights not seen from the road. Take some special precautions before you find yourself the victim of an accident due to improper conditions and operator error. If you do find that you have been injured on a guided tour, you will want to talk to your attorney to find out the best course of action.

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