Workplace Accidents: Long-Term Financial Outcomes


Though the study was conducted halfway around the world, it’s implications are equally true for people in America as for people in Europe. The Economic Consequences of Accidents at Work was authored by Gabriele Mazzolini of the School of Economics and Finance of Public Education in Milan and was published in January, 2015.

The paper looked at the long-term financial outcomes associated with people who are injured while on the job. The findings were disturbing. Workers who were injured at work:

  • Were more likely to be laid off or fired than non-injured workers for up to a year after the accident
  • Were frequently disallowed from returning to work, even on light duty, even when they were protected by law
  • Received fewer pay raises over the course of their careers

There are hundreds of laws in America and other countries specifically designed to make sure that people who are injured on the job don’t suffer insult in addition to their injury. We would all like to believe that businesses do the right thing, that if you are injured on the job your employer will do right by you. This type of study proves that we cannot give businesses the benefit of the doubt. The profit incentive is much too high.

If you or someone you love has been injured on the job, the only way to protect your long-term rights and guarantee your family’s financial future is to make sure that the applicable laws are followed. Please contact an attorney to help you make sure you don’t become one of these negative statistics.

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