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The village of Mineola, New York, incorporated in 1906, is the County Seat of Nassau County on Long Island. It has a diverse population of about 22,000. This lovely village is also home to many local celebrities in sports, journalism, movies, and more. When you take a closer look at Mineola, you might also spot a local celebrity.

About Mineola, NY

Although small, Mineola plays a significant role in New York State history. Originally part of Henry Hudson’s claim for the Dutch East India Company in 1609, Mineola saw Dutch and English settlers clearing it for farming on the Hempstead Plains in the 19th century. In 1897, Long Island’s first volunteer hospital, Nassau Hospital, opened its doors.

On July 13, 1900, Governor Theodore Roosevelt laid the cornerstone of the Nassau County Courthouse, officially making Mineola the County Seat. That same year, Nassau Hospital became Winthrop-University Hospital, now part of NYU Langone, a nationally recognized institution and included in the country’s top five percent of acute-care hospitals.

Mineola again made history in 1927 when Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field and became the first person to complete a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

Celebrities from Mineola, New York

Although Manhattan is about a 45-minute drive to this small picturesque village, it might surprise you to learn the number of famous people from Mineola, NY:


  • Lenny Bruce (1925-1966): comedian
  • Emmy Clarke: Actor in the Emmy-winning Monk series
  • Jean Butler: Riverdance Irish dancer, choreographer, and actress
  • Stephen Schwartz: Grammy, Golden Globe, and Academy Award-winning writer and composer of iconic musicals Godspell, Wicked, and Pippin
  • Brian Dennehy (1938-2020): Multi-award winning actor of stage, films, and TV
  • Kevin James: Actor and comedian, star of The King of Queens and many movies
  • Johnny Saint Marks: Musician, filmmaker, and YouTube content creator
  • Kim Richards: Child actress of Escape to Witch Mountain and reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  • Katherine Teck: Composer, author, and founding member of the International Guild of Musicians in Dance
  • D. Daniels: Actor, The Mighty Ducks
  • Justine Cotsonas: Actor, Sneaky Pete
  • Sally Menke (1953 – 2010): Academy-award nominated film editor for Pulp Fiction


  • J. LaMura: Professional international baseball pitcher
  • John Valentin: Former MLB shortstop, third baseman, and coach for the LA Dodgers
  • Jimmy Hines (1903-1986): Professional golfer
  • Chris Weidman: UFC Middleweight Champion
  • Carlos Mendes: Major League soccer manager of the New York Red Bulls
  • Jack Emmer: Former men’s college lacrosse coach with the most wins in the NCAA

Literature and Journalism

  • Lauren Scala: Broadcaster and correspondent
  • Robert B. Silvers (1929 – 2017): American editor of The New York Reviewer of Books for over 50 years
  • Elliot G. Jaspin: Reporter and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting


  • Kenneth Chenault: Former CEO of American Express
  • Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.: Former Chairman of IBM and the Carlyle Group


  • Bill Owens: Former US Congressman, New York’s 23rd District
  • Jack Martins: Former Mineola Mayor and New York State Senator
  • Frances Townsend: Former US Homeland Security Adviser

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