Workplace Accidents: Folding Under Pressure


Once could be an accident. Perhaps even a second mishap could be considered just incredibly bad luck. But when incident piles on incident, it becomes difficult to believe that all the incidents are just accidents.

A report out of New York City indicates that a recent mishap involving a window washer at One World Trade Center is drawing attention to just such a series of events. If this were the first time one of the Tractel Group’s rigs collapsed, it would be understandable that they weren’t aware there were potential problems. But this wasn’t the first time. In fact, the Tractel group has been affiliated with a number of these “accidents,” including:

  • The November 12th incident that left two workers clinging for their lives
  • A similar rig collapse in June of 2013 at the Hearst Tower that also nearly cost the lives of two workers
  • The death of a window washer in December of 2007 after yet another scaffolding collapse

The most disturbing aspect of this situation is that the Tractel Group has already been cited and fined for one of these earlier incidents. Despite this citation and fine, the company appears to be continuing on with the same practices. It is impossible to guess just how many of these incidents will have to take place before either the Tractel Group voluntarily makes changes or the authorities force them to.

Rather than just wait for the next potential catastrophe, pressure could be placed on the company to clean up its act. In a city the size of New York it can be difficult to muster enough people to help you force action, but there is one avenue still available both to the window washers at One World Trade Center and to anybody else who has been injured in a workplace incident. If you or a loved one has been injured, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced attorney who can help you fight for the necessary changes to ensure safety for all workers going forward.

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