Workplace Accidents: A Good Deed by Utah


Everything must begin somewhere, even in the most unexpected places. Good news out of Utah is drawing attention to a tragically under-recognized problem that affects certain industries much more than others. Now, maybe something will be done to protect employees whose companies consistently put them in dangerous situations.

On November 1st, a new program was put into effect by the Utah Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The Utah OSHA had previously gathered information to determine what machinery or other equipment was most likely to cause amputation and death for workers. Fearing many of the accidents were caused by negligence on the behalf of the companies owning the equipment, the new program will randomly inspect this machinery to make sure that proper upkeep is being done.

It’s sad that the state is required to step in and make sure things are done right, but profit motive often overrides safety concerns for businesses. This is hardly the first and certainly not the most appalling example. Some of the most terrible past practices included:

  • Intentional exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Leaking chemicals into lakes and groundwater
  • Experimenting on employees
  • Forcing employees to work on machinery that was still running

If you have been injured, or know of someone who has been injured on the job, it is important they keep their options open in regards to getting what they deserve. There is always a push to settle things out of court, but this almost always ends up benefiting the company at the expense of the person that was injured. It is time that society as a whole recognizes what the Utah OSHA did, that certain businesses are much more likely to ignore these dangers. Please contact an attorney to help you find out whether such dangers were ignored.

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