Vaccinations May Put Children At Risk if Not Monitored


“Shots for Tots,” a program providing vaccinations in Salem County, New Jersey, has been operating for twenty-five years. No one knows just how many people have been vaccinated by the program, though thankfully only 25 people received shots this year. It could have been much worse considering how many errors occurred with just those 25 people.

A recent state audit revealed a pattern of negligence that is breathtaking. In just those 25 cases, multiple serious errors were uncovered, including:

  • Two children being administered expired vaccines
  • A two year old who received a still unknown vaccination instead of the vaccination they were supposed to receive
  • Another two year boy who received two doses of Gardasil, a vaccine that can cause serious neurological impairment if administered before puberty, and which is designed to combat an STD and is normally given to teenage girls

“Shots for Tots” insists this is the first year that such errors have taken place, but it is difficult to accept them at their word. For all anybody knows, thousands of people might have been given incorrect vaccines over the last twenty-five years. There could be sections of Salem County where children are still at risk for measles, mumps, pertussis, and many other dangerous communicable diseases.

Vaccine errors aren’t the only type of medical error that exists, but this issue just goes to show how often things go wrong in the medical profession, and how often those problems aren’t discovered until the state steps in. If you or someone you love has suffered due to a medical error, please contact an attorney. These mistakes will continue to happen until society holds their perpetrators to account.

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