Unlicensed Limo Driver Had History of Similar Accidents


Initial reports following the limousine accident that left twenty dead indicated the driver lacked the proper credential to pilot the vehicle in question. New York State law requires a commercial driver’s license with a passenger endorsement to operate limousines, and though the driver had a standard driver’s license, he lacked the necessary commercial license or endorsement.

This was worrisome enough, highlighting that some limousine companies do not require proper certifications before getting behind the wheel and risking the lives of dozens. But a new report indicates something just as worrisome if not more so. According to interviews conducted by Inside Edition, the driver of the ill-fated limo had previously been involved in a similar accident which resulted in two injuries.

According to interviews with witnesses, the accident two years ago played out remarkably similarly to the fatal October, 2018 incident. The driver blew through a stop sign and struck a building, putting the health and safety of everyone in the area at significant risk. In that instance there were only two injuries and no fatalities, but clearly the driver did not learn from his mistake.

A review of the limo operator’s driving record would have indicated the accident had taken place, and a reasonable amount of follow-up would have yielded the pertinent information regarding fault and ignoring the stop sign leading to the accident. But the owner and operator of the limousine company did not bother to undertake this review.

If you or your family has suffered a taxi, Uber, or limo accident, determining whether or not the person operating the vehicle was qualified to do so is important. Understanding which certifications and endorsements are required can be difficult, so please consider consulting with an experienced attorney regarding your case.

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