Sports Events and Fan Violence: Brawls that Turn Deadly


America is known for sports fans through their dedication, team spirit and family legacy. We cheer and support everything from our kids’ games to the professional tournaments like the Final Four and the Super Bowl. Some of us know how to channel that energy in healthy ways and keep our spirits in tact. But, what about the fan who goes overboard turning the venue into an all-out brawl because of team rivalry? How far do we go when we show our allegiance to our favorite sport?

Many people are injured during fights at spectator events nationwide. In 2011 a fan was critically injured outside Giants Stadium when he was assaulted by fans of the rival team. In late January 2014, another man was fatally stabbed, again at Giants Stadium, after an altercation with fans of the opposing team. Others fans are trampled to death during a surge of fan support or when the football field goalposts fall down on those standing below.

Sports fan violence is a serious issue, much of it resulting from intoxication before, during and after the game. With increasing intoxication, defenses are lowered, words are flung and, before you know it, someone is left critically injured or dead. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? When you are at a sporting event, take the following precautions to heart:

  • Reduce your alcohol consumption at sports events. This may seem like useless advice, but it may be the best piece of advice for making sure you remain in control should something happen.
  • Never start a fight intentionally if you have been drinking at a sports event.
  • Ignore those who may antagonize or bully you regarding your rival team.
  • Stay away from any fight that might be taking place. If you are not a victim now, you might be if you become involved.

Finding who is to blame when a brawl ensues at a sports event can be difficult. But, ensuring your own safely through reasonable and common sense actions may make the difference between an injury and making it back home safely.

If you have been injured at a sports event, seek the advice of an attorney who can best help you settle your case from start to finish.