School Time for Kids: Injuries All Year


With school having started and the fall season coming ahead, we might think that children’s injuries will settle down now that summer time is over. But children’s injuries occur all year round due to their active lives in the forms of: bicycle accidents, trampoline accidents, sledding accidents, and pool accidents, to name a few. And, let’s not forget playground accident and injuries that are most common when school starts up again in the fall.

We never want to see a child get hurt or injured, and the actions are even more tragic when a child is severely injured or killed as a result of a horrible accident. We do our best to protect and care for our kids, watch them and supervise them, and arm them with protective gear for certain sports and activities. Here are just a few of the accidents that occur among children:

  • Pool accidents and drownings. This type of accident kills children early in the summer seasons, due to ill supervision or a pool that is not protected by a gate or cover. A recent case in Texas involved a women who was glued to her Facebook account instead of watching the four children in her care, one who later drowned.
  • Bicycle accidents. Bicycle accidents among children riding their bikes to and from school account for many more accidents and fatalities annually. Kids should always wear helmets, but sometimes don’t pay attention to this special protective gear, or become careless especially if a parent doesn’t notice.
  • Trampoline accidents. While most common in the summer, trampoline accidents occur when kids become too active on the trampoline, or bump heads with others on the trampoline. Other injuries occur when younger ones are on the trampoline with adults or older children who are not as careful.
  • Sledding accidents. Sledding accidents are common in the winter when kids fly off the sled, are run over by other sleds, or run into an object like a tree or pole.

We can’t protect our kids from every move, but we can do what we need to do to ensure their safety. Teaching kids about the safety for riding bike and jumping on trampolines starts at an early age, as does enlisting them in swimming lessons and teaching them how to play safely in the snow. And, who’s to know if your child s being appropriately cared for when at school or a that home of another child? Will they care for your child as intently as you do?

If your child has been injured at school, at a park or a the home of another child, and you have a clear idea of what caused the injury, a personal injury lawyer will help you determine the best way to seek compensation and find the appropriate channels that will allow you to settle your case quickly.

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