School Bus Accidents: Seeing a Pattern


Sometimes we see patterns that just don’t exist. After all, the human mind likes to make sense of chaos, and we try to make sense of the terrible events that occur around us. It is important that we don’t just assume that correlation equals causation. But sometimes there really are signs of systemic problems, and it is important that we don’t ignore them.

One sign of systemic problems threatens our most important resource, our children. There has been a rash of school bus crashes across the country, affecting both large communities and small towns, in just the last few weeks. These include:

  • A crash in Fort Myers, FL that resulted in the death of the driver
  • Four injuries in a crash near Camden, NJ
  • The hospitalization of two students in a Las Vegas Crash
  • Seven students injured in a school bus crash in Madison, Tennessee

We want to believe all of these are just accidents, and that there are no signs of negligence. But after the recent events in the neighboring communities of Manatee and Bradendon, Florida, this is becoming harder and harder to accept.

In less than an hour two separate school bus accidents occurred, leaving thirty-eight students injured. Though initial reports indicated the drivers of the buses were not at fault in either case, the full facts are not yet known pending an investigation.

School districts across the country have slashed their budgets in the wake of the Great Recession. When those dollars are cut from classrooms, parents object to the changes. When those dollars are cut from less visible places, such as the transportation department, few people notice. There are a variety of ways these types of cuts could lead to dangerous situations for students. Less experienced drivers might be hired, or less training might be provided. Proper maintenance on the vehicles might be delayed, or older vehicles that are less safe might be deployed to keep costs down.

If your child has been injured in a school bus accident, it is important that you learn whether any corners were cut in regards to safety. The only way to do this is to hire an experienced attorney who knows the right questions to ask and the right people to question. Please, hire a lawyer to make sure that any lapses in safety do not continue and put other children at risk.

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