New York Senator Proposes Speed Regulations to Reduce the Number of Fatal Truck Accidents


This summer the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put forth a proposal to help cut down the number of deaths due to truck accidents, by ensuring that large trucks could not travel at high speeds. Now, New York Senator Charles Schumer is calling on the Department of Transportation for the speed restrictive devices recommended by the NHTSA to be approved and put into place as soon as possible.

The new technology Sen. Schumer is referring to is a speed monitoring system that would prohibit trucks and buses that weigh over 26,000 pounds from traveling over 65 miles per hour. Last year, 126 people were killed in truck accidents in New York State, the highest amount in six years. More than one-third of those deaths occurred in crashes in the five boroughs of New York City and on Long Island. Extensive data from 2014 shows 10,742 crashes involving large trucks in the state, with close to 1,000 with speeding as a contributing factor. The American Trucking Association reports speed is involved in 29 percent of deadly accidents.

Since Congress does need to vote on the proposal, Sen. Schumer hopes the Secretary of Transportation will put the requirement into effect by year’s end. The senator feels strongly that, “Requiring electronic speed limiters on trucks would save lives, prevent injuries, make our roadways safer by preventing high-speed damages.”

Many truck companies have already installed the new technology into their fleet, but there are those in the industry who are against the restriction. Opponents are concerned that it will be more dangerous if trucks cannot keep up with the flow of traffic on highways with speed limits exceeding 65 miles per hour. They are calling for stricter enforcement on drivers who weave in and around trucks, and who are distracted behind the wheel, even when riding next to a large tractor-trailer.

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