Negligent Landlords Put Others at Risk


Water and electricity don’t mix, a fundamental fact made very clear by a story out of Montgomery County, Maryland. A mother and her daughter were forced from their home by severe flooding of the basement caused by extreme weather. The mother and daughter were waiting outside their home in a stairwell, where standing water had also pooled. Police are still investigating the cause of the electrical current in the water, though suspicion is that a faulty sump pump might have been to blame.

The mother and daughter had no way to know they might be at risk of electrical shock, and there are many situations where we are vulnerable and don’t know it. Potential home exposure to electrical shock include:

  • Outlets near water fixtures that are not properly grounded with a GFCI
  • Exposed external wiring near areas where water pools
  • Pools or pond pumps where the electrical system can fail

If you are the owner of the home, you likely do everything in your power to minimize these hazards. But if you are renting or at an area business, it sometimes feels you have little control over making things safe. Too many landlords will hesitate to make any repair, no matter how necessary and no matter how much risk is involved for tenants.

If you or someone you love has been electrocuted due to negligence on the part of another, please contact an attorney. Proving fault in these situations can be difficult, but an experienced lawyer will know how to conduct a proper investigation to prove who was at fault for your ordeal.

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