Motorcycle Accidents: More Frequent in Warmer Weather


When the weather around the country heats up, so does the urge to take it to the road and ride across country the way so many motorcyclists like to do. As a result of more motorcyclists taking to the road, more accidents may occur, as well. Some drivers just are not prepared for motorcyclists, no matter what the weather conditions. Drivers continue to be distracted, and unaware of motorcycles.

While many states have movements and campaigns to increase awareness of drivers toward motorcycles, there are times when no amount of urging or education will do. In those cases, the motorcycle rider must take extra precautions to be sure he is seen before an accident happens. Here’s what to do:

  • Invest in safety gear. While some gear may be expensive, it may be worth your life if you were injured in a motorcycle accident to have the extra protection that safety gear affords. Clothing should have chest and back protectors, and boots with high-density armor.
  • Always wear a helmet. While this topic continues to be a debate among riders, and many states have made mandatory helmet use a law, there are viable statistics to prove that wearing a helmet will save the life of a motorcycle rider if an accident occurs.
  • Motorcyclists should make sure they are seen by a vehicle before attempting to pass. That means they should be able to see themselves in the mirror. If you cannot see yourself, chances are the driver will not either.
  • Refrain from excessive speeding, particularly on roadways that are not paved or are covered with debris and decomposed granite. Loose materials will compromise the grip and control of the motorcycle.

No matter what we know about motorcycle safety, there are still accidents that occur when these riders take to the road. They have the right to be on the road just like a bigger vehicle., although they can sometimes be difficult to see. Motorcycle injuries are devastating, and result in loss of limbs, shredded skin, severe burns and more.

If you or someone you know has been severely injured or died in a motorcycle accident, there will be a long list of items that need to be taken care of to prove a point and justify compensation. Seeking the advice of a New York law firm is the first place to begin the process.

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