Medical Malpractice: Almost Famous


It’s celebrities who get all the attention. Many of us know that Alex Rodriguez visited Biogenesis, the health clinic in Florida that was a front for the illegal dispensing of steroids. Many of us also know that Ryan Braun visited the facility, even while he was claiming to be a victim of racism when he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. It’s only the celebrities who anyone remembers, but they are not the only victims.

Looking past the fame and fortune, it’s important to remember what Biogenesis claimed to be. Anthony Bosch set it up as a health clinic specializing in weight loss and hormone replacement, which enabled access to many of the performance enhancing substances in the first place. With this veneer of respectability, Biogenesis attracted more than just baseball stars. It also attracted plenty of vulnerable young men who were looking for an edge just to make their local high school team.

As parents, it is important that we remain the moral compass for our children, especially if they are athletes and become more and more competitive with time. It is reasonable for young people to want to do whatever it takes to win. They lack the ability for long-term thinking, so they don’t care about the devastating health problems that might be caused by strange substances they put into their bodies. And, many of those who prey on these young people are doctors or at least pass themselves off as doctors, offering the perception that they are acting in the best interest of their “patients.”

Many of the young men and women who visited Biogenesis did so at the urging of an adult in their life, oftentimes a coach or a respected member of their local sports community. They thought they were doing something that would make them healthier and stronger, a mindset reinforced by Biogenesis appearing to be a medical facility. We must protect our children from advice like this. If an adult is urging your child to do something dangerous to compete, please intervene. Potential bad advice includes:

  • Seeking out a specialist with dubious credentials
  • Taking a supplement that isn’t easily available over the counter
  • Taking an over-the-counter supplement without researching it
  • Playing or practicing while injured

There are many shady characters preying upon our young people, and some of those people even have impressive titles like MD or PhD. If you or someone you love has taken a substance prescribed by a doctor, only to suffer serious adverse effects, please contact a lawyer. Only an experienced attorney can help you take the necessary steps to keep others from falling under the dangerous sway of these unprofessionals.

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