Lawnmower Accidents: Questions Unanswered


A tragic accident near Bradley University has left a student dead and more questions than answers. The young man, working on a lawn crew, was found in critical condition next to the riding lawnmower he used to do his job. He was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. The coroner determined Bradley was killed in a lawnmower accident, likely crushed by the lawnmower he was using.

The news coverage of this incident has been minimal, and most people seem content to accept the accident at face value. No inquest has been scheduled, and the coroner’s findings are not considered controversial. But, even a quick glance at the facts is very worrisome. Questions include:

  • Why did it take someone so long to notice the critically injured individual was lying next to his lawnmower?
  • Why was Bradley lying next to his lawnmower, which many onlookers expected meant he had died of a heart attack, instead of under it?
  • Why was the machine upright, when the coroner’s report indicated the deceased was likely crushed by it?

Whenever there is a tragic accident at the workplace, we want to assume that everyone did their best to prevent it. We certainly do not want to assume that any cover-up might have taken place. But, when the facts don’t jibe, we are forced to ask these difficult questions. Unfortunately, though we might know the right questions to ask, we rarely have the ability to get the answers we deserve. Those in power will just blow us off, be it the police or the individuals possibly responsible for any cover-up. It takes the right expertise to get those answers, and that expertise only comes with training and experience.

If you or someone you love was injured or killed in a workplace accident, make sure you seek out a person with that necessary level of training and experience. Contact a lawyer immediately to force those in the know to give you the honest answers to which you are entitled.

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