Improper Positioning Yields Poor Results


A variety of issues can occur with diagnostic radiology. Oftentimes, scans are not read promptly, and a delayed diagnosis can lead to a poor outcome for a patient. Other times scans are read incorrectly, with the radiologist missing a clear indication of disease. This is frequently even more disastrous than a delayed reading, as a missed reading can lead to a person suffering damage from an illness for months or even years before it is finally caught.

A less appreciated cause of missed or delayed diagnosis caused by a radiologist is improper positioning of the subject’s body. Proper positioning is key to getting a properly detailed reading, which is necessary for a proper diagnosis. Radiologists are trained how on each diagnostic test, but if each test is not performed often, best practices can slip.

This failure to properly position the breast during mammograms is among the most common mistakes a radiologist makes. These mistakes can lead to women suffering from breast cancer for years without knowing it, particularly if the radiologist fails to follow up with the patient regarding the poor scan quality. At the very least, women are often subjected to an additional uncomfortable and potentially expensive mammogram, dependent upon insurance coverage.

Recent research indicates that mammogram positioning is a fixable problem, as remediation resulted in drastic improvements. Extending this type of continuing education to other radiologists and other exams could lead to fewer missed diagnoses, resulting in longer and happier lives for many patients.

If you or someone you love has suffered due to a radiologist’s failure to follow up, not making a prompt reading, missing indications of disease, or failing to properly position the patient, please consult with an experienced attorney. A qualified lawyer will help you gather information and press your case to get you the compensation to which you are entitled.

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