Hand-Free Driving: Safer than Texting? New York Attorney Says Not So


It has become normal in society for people to communicate in their cars while driving; whether it be using a cell phone where one hand is taken off the wheel, texting, or simply not paying attention due to distractions on the road and in the car. Many cars are now equipped with Bluetooth capabilities which means phone numbers can be programmed into the phone system of the car and can be dialed on voice command. The good part is that the driver does not have to take his hands off the wheel for incoming or outgoing calls. An incoming call will interrupt any music so that the call can come through and the driver can still choose to take the call or ignore it. But, even though the hands remain on the wheel, the driver still has to take his eyes of the road for a period of time to see where the incoming call. And, he still has to engage his thoughts in conversation instead of paying attention to the roadway.

While many who use hands-free devices will claim that doing so is much safer, the distraction factor is still there. What are some things to be aware of when driving, hands-free?

  • Regardless of whether you use a cell traditionally or use a hands-free device, any type of distraction means that you are not paying attention the road. Instead, you are paying attention to the person on the other end of the line.
  • Hands-free does not mean risk free–you are not immune to avoiding danger, and must still pay attention the rules of the road.
  • Drivers of hands-free devices tend to be overconfident by thinking that just because the hands are on the wheel, all safety is ensured. Not so.

The American Automobile Association says that voice-operated devices should be used only for those commands that impact and enhance the safety of the driver and include commands like windshield operation or cruise control. They assert that the hands-free capability should not be used on a regular basis for everyday communication between two parties.

If you have been injured by someone who was distracted while on the road, you may have a solid personal injury case on your hands . A New York attorney who specializes in personal injury cases will be your first best course of action for starting the process toward justice.

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