Drunk Driving: Jeopardizing the Kids


We like to give people the benefit of the doubt, even when they are making poor choices. We like to believe that people learn from their mistakes, and that once they are forced to face the consequences of their bad behavior, they will change. A story out of Long Island shows this isn’t always the case.

As reported by NBC New York, a drunk driver named Bianca Flores crashed her car on July 14th. A six-year-old girl was her passenger. This is a terrible story no matter what, but what makes it worse was that Bianca had just left the scene of another accident just a few miles away. Somehow this woman was able to put this six-year-old at risk twice in just a few minutes while driving impaired.

We would like to believe these types of cases are rare, that a person won’t put others at risk no matter how desperately they want their next drink. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. In just the last month, dozens of parents have been caught driving drunk with children in the car, including:

  • A Maine mother caught twice in 19 days driving drunk with her kids in the car
  • A parent in Houston drunk driving with five children in the vehicle
  • A mother in Atlanta getting a severe DUI while driving around with her four kids
  • A man in Wisconsin taking his kids with him to the liquor store when he ran out of beer at 10:30 at night

Sadly, these stories are indicative of the state of minds of many drunk drivers. Many will not stop until they are forced to stop. If the safety of their own children won’t stop them, little will. Sometimes law enforcement is able to handle this, but sometimes it takes victims standing up for their rights to put an end to these terrible actions.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a drunk driver, please contact a lawyer. A financial settlement might at least help remove the ability of the negligent party to hurt others in the future.