Driving in High Heat Carries Unique Difficulties


Though winter driving, particularly navigating icy roads, receives the majority of the attention when it comes to difficult situations, summer driving is not without its own difficulties. When a heat wave strikes, drivers should be aware of the changes in the environment, the changes in other vehicles, and the changes in other drivers that accompany these weather patterns. Adjusting for those around you is of primary importance in preventing accidents.

One of the major changes that comes with driving in hot weather is the potential for the car to overheat. When this happens, it is best to pull over and wait for the engine to have time to cool down before attempting to proceed. This can take a great deal of time, but it is the only way to minimize the risk of catastrophic damage to the engine. Attempting to drive while the engine is overheated carries greater risk of sudden engine failure, which can increase the likelihood of an accident occurring as the vehicle suddenly decelerates.

The risk of tire blowout is also much greater in higher temperatures. Elevated temperature of the rubber or other material that makes up the tire increases the risk of blowout, particularly if the tire is not at the proper pressure. When a blowout occurs, it is easy to lose control of the vehicle and swerve into other lanes or even into oncoming traffic.

Another thing to be aware of is the behavior of other drivers. High temperatures can lead to short fuses, and road rage incidents may be more common in the summer months. Being mindful of other drivers behaving recklessly, changing lanes aggressively or speeding in a rush to get out of the heat more quickly, is important.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident, recognizing what aspects of the accident were preventable is important. If the other driver failed to behave responsibly with regards to tire pressure or engine temperature, these choices can be a major factor in causing a fender bender. Please reach out to an experienced attorney and hold the other driver responsible for their dangerous decisions.

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