Distracted Driving: Zombies Among Us


The Walking Dead has become one of the most popular shows on television, and games like Plants vs. Zombies and Call of Duty feature zombies in prominent roles. There are dozens of theories for the rising popularity of the undead, but there is no clear answer just where the current fascination with the undead comes from. Zombies are everywhere in modern America, waiting for the perfect opportunity to devour a person’s brains.

Of course everyone knows these types of creatures aren’t real, but there is one type of zombie that is, and it is destroying the lives of everyday Americans with stunning regularity. It’s the zombie driver, the person too wrapped up in the digital life to pay attention to the road. Sometimes it seems a person would have to be braindead to prioritize Facebook or a text over another person’s life.

Luckily, law enforcement is starting to take these situations seriously, and a variety of methods are being proposed to keep these zombies from causing the deaths of innocent people. Recent proposals include:

  • The #X campaign to convince drivers to suspend all text conversations when they get behind the wheel
  • New, tougher rules against texting while driving in states like Vermont
  • The banning of devices such as Google class, which are just as distracting as cell phones
  • Deploying new radar for police that can detect cell phone signals and let the officers know if the person is texting

This zombie outbreak threatens to overwhelm American, and could be just as disastrous as the epidemics we see on television. Though there is little the average American can do to help in the fight, there is one effective method available to those who have been harmed by distracted drivers. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by distracted driving, please contact an attorney. If the whole power of the legal system is brought to bear and people are held liable for their actions, perhaps we can contain this outbreak and save thousands of lives.

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