Decoration Considerations for a Safe Holiday


As the calendar turns towards December, more and more Americans will start thinking about their holiday decorations. For many families, decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend is a tradition, allowing the two major days to blend into one seamless holiday season. The fact that kids are out of school for the long weekend and many parents are off work makes it easier to find time to pull things out of storage and get to work.

As important as quality family time is, safety is equally important, and failure to account for safety when decorating can drastically increase the risk of an accident occurring. Some considerations include:

  • Placing holiday decorations in such a way that they do not obstruct walkways
  • Ensuring holiday decorations have enough overhead clearance
  • Properly affixing decorations and making sure decorations are only attached to structures that can bear their weight
  • Inspecting electrical cords and outlets for signs of fraying or other damage

When making these considerations, it is important to remember that just because you are aware of something, other people entering your property might not be. So though you may know you need to duck under the Santa Claus by the front door, others might hit their head. This extends to other issues as well, such as cords run across walkways to power lights. Though you may be aware of their existence, others might trip, particularly in the dark.

Taking responsibility for the safety of your property is important. Unfortunately, many others do not take this responsibility seriously. If you have been injured on another person’s property, and you believe it was due to failure to properly evaluate the premises, please consult with an experienced attorney about your case and hold people responsible for their negligence.

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