Construction Workers at Particular Risk for Electrocution


Though electrocution accidents can happen in almost any profession, construction workers are particularly likely to be exposed to these dangers, with over half of all electrocution related workplace deaths affecting people who work in this field. Though there are many situations where these workers might suffer an electrical accident, certain situations are much more dangerous than others.

Generally speaking, the electrical wiring in a home is not sufficient to cause serious injury if a person touches a live wire. The worker will feel the jolt and the tingle, but the likelihood of death or even major injury is small, due to the low level of current used to power outlets and other receptacles. Though death, blindness, or other terrible outcomes can occur, these are very uncommon.

The bigger risk to construction workers arises from the need to occasionally work with much higher voltage line, particularly the overhead power lines that carry more than enough current to cause fatal electrocution. Half of all construction industry electrocution deaths are caused by coming into contact with these very dangerous objects, and power line installers are fifteen times as likely to be killed at work than other construction workers.

Overhead power lines carry hundreds of thousands of volts, and contact with one can result in instant death. Because of this danger, construction companies should always be aware of their placement, and never have workers engaged in work near these lines without being exceptionally careful to insure contact never occurs. The organizations in charge of installing and maintaining overhead lines should have as many safety redundancies as possible because the slightest misstep can result in death.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an on-the-job electrical accident, please consult with an experienced attorney. There are reasonable safety precautions all companies should take when working with electricity, and a company failing to observe and encourage those precautions is unacceptable.

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