Certain Factors Increase Risk of Pedestrian Accidents


A Brockton, Massachusetts woman is dead after being struck crossing a street between two local businesses on October 14th, 2017. The woman was on her way to lunch with a friend when she was struck and killed by oncoming traffic. She suffered significant head trauma and was dead before reaching the hospital.

Crosswalks can help alleviate the danger to pedestrians of crossing streets, but nothing can eliminate the danger entirely. There are factors that increase the risk of an accident occurring, even in areas with a crosswalk. These factors, which played a part in the Brockton accident, include:

  • Weather, in this case, rain, causing the streets to be slick and making braking quickly more difficult
  • Heavy traffic, which can distract a driver from pedestrians in their peripheral vision
  • Line of sight limitations, often caused by larger profile vehicles or by weather limiting the range of vision

Police indicate that the driver of the vehicle in the Brockton accident may have never even seen the person who was hit, due to the level of traffic and obscured visual fields caused by traffic density. In such a situation, a driver should be extra cautious, but many drivers instead become frustrated and pay less attention to the safety of their surroundings when traffic is bad. Crossing streets during rush hour can be particularly dangerous for people on foot.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a pedestrian accident, recognizing the factors that might have come into play is important. Equally important is recognizing that these factors do not relieve a driver of responsibility. Drivers are expected to take roadway conditions into account, and bad weather or restricted visibility does not excuse hitting a pedestrian. Please, consult with an experienced lawyer to evaluate how to proceed with your case.

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