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A British newspaper investigation is drawing attention to a worldwide problem with working conditions in factories owned and run by Amazon, and unsafe practices the company utilizes regarding their delivery drivers. Amazon is one of the largest corporations in the United States. Despite the massive profits, the company stands accused

An incident in Alabama is drawing attention to the question of who is liable for an injury to a subcontractor. A work release inmate was killed at the Kochs poultry plant in Ashland, Alabama on October 29th, 2017. The full circumstances of the worker’s death are under investigation. Though work

Five people are dead and more injured after a workplace shooting in Orlando, Florida the morning of June 5th, 2017. Police are still searching for answers as to the motive of the shooter, but early reports indicate the assailant was a former worker at the warehouse where the shootings took

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the insurance industry. Sometimes it seems like there is insurance for everything. There is health insurance and car insurance and flood insurance and homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance. Most the time we carry these policies and never get anything out of them, and

These are exciting times for workplace safety. 2015 promises to be a banner year for protecting workers in the workplace, as the Obama administration plans to implement a number of important changes through OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and MSHA (the Mining Safety and Health Administration). These changes

The pressure is always on to be a team player. If there’s something wrong at the workplace, just tell your direct supervisor and then move on. Nothing is gained by making waves. There’s certainly no need to take the case to OSHA, or to the Fire Marshall, or to the

Two years and a major fine later, it is difficult to know for certain whether anything has changed. When OSHA inspected Gateway Extrusions in 2013, they found a number of serious safety issues. The most dangerous of these were: Presses lacking safety mechanisms to prevent hands or other body parts

Ryan Maseth wanted nothing more than to serve his country and make his family proud when he was stationed in Iraq in 2007. In January of 2008 he was still trying to do his duty to country and family when he entered the showers of his barracks. He had no

It’s always good to reach for the stars. Since the earliest days of recorded history, man has dreamed of reaching beyond Earth. When that dream was finally achieved in the mid-20th Century, and especially when a man first walked on the moon, it seemed possible that one day we would