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It sounds like a freak accident. At a construction site in New Jersey, a tape measure came loose from a worker’s belt and fell fifty stories, striking another worker on the head. Gary Anderson was rushed to the hospital but it was too late. He was pronounced dead on November

Part time jobs, especially seasonal ones, are often the only entry level positions teenagers can find. One of the fallouts of the Great Recession was many retirees being forced back to work, and many of the jobs teenagers used to get were filled by people with dozens of years more

How often do we think about the risks and prevention tactics for those involved in high-risk industries like the logging industry, where loggers face challenges that many of us cannot even imagine? What about those who face icy road conditions as part of their routine jobs? Trucking itself can be

Many jobs that pay well also pose high risks. We know that electricians, road workers and construction workers take their lives in their hands daily when encountering challenges posed at any number of job sites and in any number of variable conditions. Electrocution accidents are among the highest of risks,

Workplace accidents, both fatal and nonfatal, are declining throughout the United States, according to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor which was released in 2013. However, employers and employees alike should not lull themselves into complacency as a result of this decline

The holiday season brings about added stress to many employees, fearing a job layoff or that they won’t receive that promised Christmas bonus. Many are laid off during the holidays as companies themselves struggle to find a balance for meeting the bottom line by year-end. Added expenses and extravagant shopping

We see utility workers on the streets in cities and towns all over the United States. They take their lives in their hands on a daily basis, particularly when conditions become hazardous due to an emergency blackout or brownout, sudden changes in the weather, or a natural disaster like a

Earlier in the year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported fining a company whose service coordinator employee was fatally stabbed by a client. The charges were based on the premise that the company should have recognized that certain conditions and situations could pose a hazard to the employees and

In a rare case of on-the-job hazardous conditions and work clothing requirements, a machinist in an industrial plant blamed his ailments on a severe blister caused by wearing steel-toed boots required for his job. Because he was required to wear the boots he filed worker’s compensation for this injury. The