Dangerous Jobs: Ice Truckers


How often do we think about the risks and prevention tactics for those involved in high-risk industries like the logging industry, where loggers face challenges that many of us cannot even imagine? What about those who face icy road conditions as part of their routine jobs? Trucking itself can be a dangerous job; and fatigue and other road distractions come into play as causes for many trucking accidents that have occurred over the years. But, ice trucking has become its own hazardous occupation, posing many different obstacles for those who must drive those rigs.

Specifically highlighted in the show Ice Road Truckers, the reality show has sparked intrigue for that industry. Ice road truckers are the ones who drive over lakes and waterways that have frozen to several feet of ice in extreme weather conditions in places such as Canada and the upper Northwest Territory. While this type of trucking takes place in the winter months, the risks for doing so are no less. What are some of the specific risks that come with a job like this?

  • Frostbite and hypothermia. If one is not wearing the right protective clothing, becomes stuck or has a problem with the rig, the body can be exposed to elements that could be fatal.
  • Cracked ice. The weight of the rigs carrying logs and other heavy materials could cause the ice to crack as the truck drives over the lake or other waterway. Of particularly danger are the lakes that are frequented time and again.
  • Extreme colds. Let’s face it, the weather is so cold that the lakes become roadways. Cold weather, in any situation, is best handled when one takes time to prepare.
  • Road conditions. Road conditions in any icy weather can cause trucks to slide off the road, jackknife and overturn. The extreme icy conditions that these truckers face make these challenges even more pronounced.
  • Wild animals. No ice trucker wants to be stranded in the wilderness when grizzlies or polar bears become hungry.

While ice road trucking is a dangerous occupation, there are benefits that entice those in the industry to keep doing what they do. The pay is exceptional and the competition is low. The part-time need affords many the opportunity to have several months off. As with any occupation, there are pros and cons.

If you or someone you know has been injured or died as a result of a hazardous occupation like ice road trucking, dealing with huge companies is best handled in the hands of a Manhattan attorney who can successfully build your case toward favorable settlement.

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