Workplace Accidents: Down To Earth


It’s always good to reach for the stars. Since the earliest days of recorded history, man has dreamed of reaching beyond Earth. When that dream was finally achieved in the mid-20th Century, and especially when a man first walked on the moon, it seemed possible that one day we would all get to experience the wonder of outer space.

In the early 21st Century, multi-millionaire Richard Branson founded a company that set out to bring space travel to the masses, or at least to anyone with enough money to throw thousands of dollars at such a trip. Branson was convinced he could provide a luxury service to the ultra-rich. He just needed the time and the money to develop the technology.

As is so often the case with multi-millionaires, Mr. Branson wasn’t willing to put his body where his mouth was. When the time came to begin testing his space ships, he sought out pilots to do the risky work for him. It was only a matter of time until things went terribly wrong, and in late October one of his vessels exploded, killing one of the two pilots.

Though Mr. Branson’s dreams of space might seem different than the dreams of other wealthy and influential people, it is worth noting that he wishes to monetize his dream. Really, this isn’t much different than all of the other CEOs who are willing to risk the lives and safety of their employees. Whenever you are signing on for a job, make sure you are aware of all potential risks, including:

  • Machinery malfunctions, including engine failure as might have been the case with Mr. Branson’s vessel
  • Working with volatile chemicals and highly combustible fuels
  • The safety track record for others in your new position

Very few jobs actually require being blasted into outer space, but many positions still put people in danger. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, it is important that you contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Only a qualified attorney can help you protect your rights during any investigation.

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