C-Sections Often the Only Way to Avoid Birth Injuries


America has one of the highest rates of C-Section in the world, though the reason for the higher rate is not entirely clear. There are some indications that mothers and doctors wishing to schedule deliveries increases the likelihood of this form of delivery. There is also evidence that American doctors may be more likely to order a C-Section if a mother fails to progress quickly enough in labor for the doctor’s taste.

One place where C-Sections might not be ordered often or quickly enough is when the health of the child is in danger. Indications an emergency C-Section might be warranted include:

  • Signs of placental abruption (placental previa)
  • Erratic fetal heartrate
  • Signs of issues with the umbilical cord
  • Excessive or uncontrollable maternal bleeding

When these situations occur, making a quick decision to perform a C-Section can make a life or death difference for both mother and child. Any disruption in the blood supply to the baby’s brain can result in significant lasting damage (a condition called anoxic brain injury), and this disruption can occur due to placental detachment, low heart rate, or umbilical cord strangulation.

Unfortunately these necessary and life-saving procedures can be delayed for a variety of reasons. A doctor may miss the signs and symptoms due to medical error or improper use of diagnostic tools, or a nurse or doctor may fail to properly monitor and assess the mother for these signs. If the doctor does not regularly monitor the mother’s condition, the likelihood of a delayed C-Section resulting in birth injury is higher.

If you or someone you love has suffered unnecessarily due to a delayed C-section, please consider consulting with an experienced attorney. A qualified lawyer will know the right experts to review your case to determine whether or not a C-Section was indicated earlier, and whether earlier intervention may have led to a better outcome for your child.

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