Brain Injuries: A Reason to Doubt


Whenever you are in a car accident or suffer a traumatic injury at the workplace, there are those who think you weren’t hurt badly enough, or who think you are faking it. Unless you lose a limb or break your back, some people will doubt whether you were actually badly injured. So many of the injuries that are caused by accidents don’t leave visible marks.

One common injury is traumatic brain injury, which can occur in a variety of severities. Those who suffer serious traumatic brain injury often have difficulty walking, speak slowly or slur their words, and lose many of their fine motor skills. Few people doubt these individuals were injured.

But for those who suffer mTBI (or minor traumatic brain injury), there are doubters. If you just have some trouble balancing, or speak a little slowly, or suffer from migraines, people don’t understand the extent of your suffering.

Thankfully, a new brain scan study shows just how much damage is present even with mTBI. Individuals who have been diagnosed with mTBI were subjected to Diffusion Tensor Imaging, and the results were compared to a control group. The findings validated thousands of people who have been injured, and include:

  • People who suffer mTBI have significantly more abnormalities in their white matter than those who suffer from PTSD
  • The abnormalities in the white matter are linked to decreased verbal memory
  • Decreased verbal memory is associated with difficulties maintaining relationships and holding a steady job
  • Damage to the white matter of the brain can result in migraines and a variety of other diseases

If you have been injured in a traumatic accident, only you can ever know how much you suffer. Still, having scientific studies that prove just how much damage can be done with no visible scars is validating. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, it can be difficult to get the care you are entitled to, especially with no apparent scars, so please contact a qualified attorney who can help you state your case.

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