A Dark Cloud Hovers with Defective New Toys


The regulators are starting to pay attention.

Hoverboards were a popular toy to give and receive on Christmas morning, but many who received these gifts had no idea just how dangerous they are. Hoverboards are supposed to be self-balancing, but the dozens of emergency room visits caused by people falling hard from these dangerous devices proves that balance is still an issue.

It isn’t just fall risks that make hoverboards dangerous. The full list of dangers includes:

  • The aforementioned falls, which are extremely common, and which are well documented on dozens of youtube.com videos
  • Injuries suffered when losing control of the hoverboard and striking a wall or other hard objects
  • The potential for exploding batteries, which caused major airlines to ban hoverboards

As is clear, hoverboards are among the most dangerous gifts a person could receive this Christmas. But so far, the manufacturers have shown little interest in making these products safe. In fact, despite clearly defective design and manufacture causing these devices to be banned in many places, manufacturers have continued to sell them.

Defective toys are a major problem every holiday season, and parents should make sure that none of the gifts their children received have a history of causing injury. There are a number of online resources for this, and information on recalls is displayed at many major retailers.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a defective toy, be it a hoverboard or any other item, it is important that the manufacturer be held responsible for their negligence. Designing and distributing dangerous toys is not acceptable, but so long as companies can profit from their malfeasance they will continue to do so. It is only when consumers stand up and hold them to account that this type of behavior will stop. Please contact an experienced attorney to help you with the process of holding these companies responsible for their dangerous products.

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