Year: 2013


Writing an accident report when you have been involved in an accident is often not the first thing on your mind. You have police investigators to deal with, witnesses who you want to enlist, and coping with your own possible injuries and trauma. But, accidents reports are very important, particularly

The holidays are officially in full swing, and it’s an exciting time for everyone. Our homes are decorated, our lights are up, our driveways are scraped, and the kids can hardly contain themselves with anticipation of receiving some favorite gifts from a special holiday visitor. Along with all the festivities

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) became law in 1988. It had the meritorious purpose of benefiting Native American tribes by allowing gaming ranging from bingo to Las Vegas-type gambling on their reservations. But despite its good intentions, the law unfortunately has proven to be a failure. Today, 25 years

Slips and falls account for numerous injuries and accidents annually. A slip and fall case can be minor, such as falling off a short curb and twisting an ankle, or more severe such as a fall that results in a head injury from hitting the head on pavement. Slips and

Few tragedies affect us like ones involving children, and it’s likely none of us will ever forget the tragedy in Newtown in December 2012 when a gunman opened-fire in an elementary school killing his mother, 20 first graders and 6 teachers in this horrifying shooting spree. Hearing about an injured

Many of us have taken to do-it-yourself home repair. With the cost of living and home maintenance high in so many parts of the country, we do what we can to cut costs here and there even if it means engaging in a tasks for which we have no training,

Americans love their homes; they do what they can to make it a safe place for friends and family by creating a stable and heartwarming environment for all who visit and live there. We make sure our home is maintained so as not to cause accidents, and we do our