Traffic and Motor Vehicle Accidents: When a Morning Commute Becomes Deadly


Winter weather brings about all sorts of mishaps for those travelling to and from work, home and school. With unexpected road conditions ranging from mild snow or rain storms, to construction zones, to full fledged ice storm or blackouts, it makes sense to continue to pay attention to the weather and traffic conditions no matter where you live. Those living on the east coast have already experienced winter storms dumping a foot or more inches of snow in parts of the country. Many residents are forced to adjust their normal schedules to make their way around, particularly when it comes to commuting to work.

When road conditions become horrendous, the morning commute becomes even more stressful to those who have to drive. While some can take a subway or train to their places of employment, those of us on the road know that anything could happen in an instant. When we are confronted with conditions that make driving less than desirable, what are some of the precautionary measures we can do to stay safe on our morning commute?

  • Leave home earlier than normal. When you know traffic and weather conditions will be messy, leave your house a few minutes or even a half hour earlier to get a head start so you are not running late.
  • Check the weather channel or the local news, which may show accidents you would encounter on your route, or make you aware of certain conditions that you may want to avoid.
  • Be sure your tires and car are well equipped to handle any type of nasty weather. A seasonal check of the brakes, tires, and other fluids will ensure a car that will not fail you as you drive.
  • Be sure your windshield wipers are in good condition. Often overlooked, windshield wipers are very important in inclement weather conditions. You do not want to find out they do not work at the time you need them the most. Be sure they are in good working order, and not frayed or inoperable.
  • Stay focused on the road. While this is an often repeated message, we should stay away from as many distractions as possible when driving. That includes texting, cell phone usage and even using a hands-free device for incoming or outgoing calls.

We hear of accidents all the time where people die on the road on their way to work. Ensuring a little extra protection by paying attention and starting earlier than normal could mean all the difference between a safe commute and a deadly one.

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