Wrongful Diagnosis: When a Case of Flu Takes a Turn for the Worse


This year already, more and more people are finding themselves sick with colds, flu, viruses, bronchitis and pneumonia. Doctors have become so routine in their treatment methods that they barely check the patient before prescribing the standard Z-Pak, sending the patient off to have the prescription filled. But what happens when the illness turns septic, or severe enough to have warranted hospitalization in the long run?

The Centers for Disease Control report staggering numbers of patients seeking medical attention for flu symptoms and prolonged related illnesses. With this type of peak in activity, even the best of doctors have been known to misdiagnose an illness. That is when we tend to take matters into our own hands for our own self-care. We know we must receive proper attention with the right medication to help us reach the other side toward wellness. What are some things we can do to ensure our own personal health and safety so we do not end up in the hospital?

  • Visit the doctor immediately if you are filling ill enough to miss work.
  • Make sure you get plenty of rest and, hard as it may be, do not try to work through the illness. You could become exposed to other diseases, and you could expose others to an illness they did not originally have.
  • Alert your doctor of any medical conditions or medications you are currently taking. Those drugs could have severe side effects with the ones you are prescribed. Pay particular attention to this if you visit the emergency room where the doctors may not know your full history.
  • Take all medications as prescribed, for the duration of their prescript timeline.
  • Never self-diagnose by taking yourself off routine medications, or double up without any doctor consent.
  • Visit the doctor or emergency immediately if you are experienced severe side effects, or prolonged illness after the medications have been prescribed.
  • Call 9-1-1 when you are experiencing shortness of breath at any time.

Sadly, many young people have visited the emergency room this year, or have taken it upon themselves to self-heal. .Many of them do not make it. Many others receive a standard diagnosis from a doctor that turns into something much, much worse. Knowing yourself and your overall health is key in making sure you receive the care you deserve.

If you believe your doctor has misdiagnosed a bigger health issue, or you know someone who has died as a result of misdiagnosis, you know that dealing with hospitals and medical authorities are best handled through a New York attorney who can help you solve your case.

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