Pennsylvania Truck Accidents: The Forest and The Trees


Truck driving is a difficult job. Not only are the hours incredibly long, there’s always pressure from upper management to get the job done faster than is sometimes safe. Drivers are tempted to drive for too many hours straight, or to drive too fast. But even those drivers who follow every rule of the road are still at high risk of death or serious injury for a variety of reasons, including the heavy weight the truck is hauling and difficulty controlling such a massive vehicle on some roadways.

People often forget that there are a variety of environmental hazards, as well. Some of these are obvious, such as weather. Some, such as large animals in the roadway, might present less of a danger to drivers of large trucks than to those who drive smaller vehicles. But for those drivers who travel certain highways, such as heavily wooded areas, there are additional worries about debris from the trees that encroach upon the road.

Sometimes this debris is particularly dangerous, such as was the case in Pennsylvania when a large tree recently went through the windshield of a truck, killing the driver instantly. The driver of the truck had no way to guess that such an event might occur. If you or a loved one drives trucks in wooded areas, here are some words of caution:

  • Be extra careful after dark, as it can be difficult to see any tree branches that have fallen into the road.
  • Be aware of recent weather in the area; heavy rains can compromise the root structure of large trees, making them more likely to fall.
  • Be aware of any roadside construction, as work in the area can unsettle the ground and cause landslides and other environmental hazards.
  • Get proper rest to ensure your senses aren’t dulled by fatigue.

There are many potential hazards on the road. If you or someone you love is a long-haul driver and has been injured in an accident, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if there was any negligence involved, either with maintenance on the vehicle or the roadway, and it is important you explore all options to get the care you need.

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