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We hate to hear that a quick trip to the store results in an injury to a child, but it can happen when another vehicle hits your car. Were you smart, and are you smart everyday, when travelling with small children? What about the time you think you are gong

With holiday travel just around the corner, road conditions become even more pronounced to those travelling in colder weather from various parts of the country. With anything from sudden snowstorms, avalanches, wet and slick roads to black ice, the dangers abound when the weather changes in a heartbeat. Black ice

A woman and her horse were killed in September when the horse she was riding was struck by a farmer who did not see them as he was rounding a curve; the horse and rider were hit from behind. Reports also indicated that another motorist had taken action to avoid

Driving is a right of passage for teens, and driving to school is a particularly exciting rite of passage as the teen no longer has to take the bus or have a parent drive him or her to school on a regular basis. Your teen passed the driving test and

Any time weather conditions present themselves on the road, it makes for a different journey for drivers everywhere. Summer brings a series of monsoon storms in the southwest, hurricanes on the east coast, and flooding in other parts of the country, often within a matter of minutes. Drivers are suddenly

We’re all familiar with road rage: the extreme temper outbursts that can be deadly for those on the receiving end. Road rage is different from your average traffic jam cursing. Road rage happens when a driver becomes “enraged” at another driver, and actively pursues that person with the intent of

Jeep tours at several tourist destinations entice visitors from all over the world with their open-air designs and off-road capabilities. But jeeps in general score relatively low when it comes to safety, and the increasingly popular “pink jeeps tours” are no exception. Because of their high center of gravity, jeeps