Truck Accidents Cause Dreadful Conditions for Commuters


When there is an accident involving a large truck on the road it is bound to cause problems for other commuters. The New York area was hit especially hard this week when two separate accidents involving tractor-trailers caused major headaches for a large number of both motorists and Metro-North passengers.

Residents of Westchester, The Bronx and Connecticut rely heavily on Metro-North to make their way into Manhattan. Their patience was put to the test when a tractor-trailer next to a garden center became engulfed in flames under the elevated train tracks in East Harlem. The resulting two-alarm fire shut down service on the tracks as more than 150 firefighters responded to the blaze. The fire engulfed several trailers at the site as well as construction debris, and was so intense that it blew out bolts from the steel beams. Ten vehicles were destroyed and buildings near the site needed to be evacuated. Firefighters also removed two dozen propane tanks from the area to avert a possible explosion.

Thankfully no one was injured, but the aftermath has been a nightmare for travelers hoping to get to Grand Central Station. Structural damage to the tracks stopped trains entirely through the night as close to 100 Metro-North employees worked on temporary repairs in time for the morning commute. However, only two of the four tracks were operational through the area, causing extremely crowded conditions and delays of 60-90 minutes due to the reduction of trains and slower speeds.

The repairs continue as a trestle under the two middle tracks was badly damaged and needs to be supported back into the ground. Metro-North decided to run on an enhanced Saturday schedule until the repairs are complete. This forces many commuters to get in their cars and battle traffic delays or take the already crowded subway.

Drivers in Nassau and Queens had their own share of trouble as a tractor-trailer overturned on the Long Island Expressway close to the border of the two counties. The main thoroughfare across the Island was closed in both directions for a good portion of the afternoon causing major delays on the Expressway and surrounding roads through the evening rush. Complicating matters was that the truck fell onto the median, spilling dirt and gravel onto the road.

Sharing the road with trucks is never easy and when they are involved in an accident, it only makes conditions more dangerous. Congestion on the road and driver frustration can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Trying to navigate mass-transit with thousands of extra people can lead to a number of personal injury accidents. If you have been injured as a result of a truck accident, contact the skilled and experienced attorneys at Finz & Finz, P.C., to take on the insurance companies on your behalf.

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