Gas Explosion Lawyer in New York City


The Escape of Natural Gas Creates a Dangerous Condition and Must be Reported

A gas leak occurs when natural gas escapes from a pipe or other form of containment. Because natural gas does not naturally have any odor or colors, all natural gas manufacturers and distributors must add an odor, so consumers can detect and smell gas leaks. If you suspect or detect a gas leak, you should immediately vacate the area. Also, do not use any lights, appliances or create fire or sparks. Finally, you should immediately notify the natural gas distributor.

There are three categories of gas leaks

  • Grade 1 – a gas connection has been completely severed.
  • Grade 2 – a disruption not significant enough to cut off service “downstream” from the leak.
  • Grade 3 – a slow trickle, usually associated with a bad fuse or corroded piping.

Gas Explosions are Caused by Leaking Gas and an Ignition Source

A gas explosion occurs when there is a gas leak and an ignition source. More often than not, a gas explosion is the result of someone’s negligence and is an accident that should have been avoided.

Two types of gas are involved in gas explosions, natural gas and liquid propane gas. Natural gas, also known as methane, weighs less than air. When there is a natural or methane gas leak, the gas will rise and collect near the ceiling or top of the room or building.

Liquid Propane Gas, or simply, is thinner than air. These types of leaks usually collect in lower areas. Even though natural gas is used by almost four times as many people as use propane, it is far more likely that an explosion will occur and result in injuries from a propane gas leak.

Gas Explosions are Caused by Negligence

All gas tanks, gas valves and gas lines should be manufactured, installed and designed not to leak. If there is a leak and gas explosion, it is probably the result of carelessness or negligence. When there is a gas leak explosion, it is usually due to negligent design, negligent maintenance, negligent inspection, safety code violations, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations. When a gas explosion occurs, it is necessary to conduct a complete investigation to determine the exact cause of the gas leak and the source of ignition.

Legal Help for Gas Explosion Injury Victims

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