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The Boeing 737 Max was a major part of many airline fleets, with tens of thousands of the planes in service across the country. After a deadly accident and terrifying near-misses, an evaluation of the 737 Max revealed design flaws that left the pilot unable to navigate the plane in

For years researchers have noted data supporting the fact that women die at a higher rate than men in automobile accidents. Determining why has proved difficult, but a new study out of the University of Virginia may go a long way in explaining the discrepancy. The study, published in July

The basics of street safety can be taught to children even while they are very young. In most cases, this begins with parents literally holding the child’s hand to cross the street. Slowly but surely the child gains other skills, such as looking both ways and only crossing in crosswalks

Properly flowing traffic is the hallmark of well-designed and implemented roadways. Though this can be difficult to achieve in older neighborhoods, where buildings may have been constructed too close to older streets to allow for proper road widths, city planners should try to minimize the number of skinny streets and

Though the vast majority of car accidents are caused by unsafe driver behavior, there are times when the design of a road plays a role in the collision. There are many ways engineers and city planners can reduce the risk of accidents. Oftentimes a slight change in placement of a

When driving, it is difficult to quickly assess the comparative danger level of various roads and intersections. Though a person may recognize an awkwardly situated stop sign or oddly designed one-way roads, determining whether or not any given traffic area is more dangerous than others is challenging while behind the

The middle of February saw yet another ice storm stretch across New York State, rendering many streets and highways unsafe. This was just the latest in a stretch of months with major storms occurring, snarling traffic and resulting in dozens of car accidents. The wintry road conditions pose major risks

Speeding while driving is always dangerous. Though some people tell themselves that they will hurt no one but themselves as they fly down a mostly empty highway in the middle of the night, it is impossible to predict traffic patterns. A speeding car can up on slower traffic with terrifyingly

A limousine accident that left 20 dead is drawing attention to the lack of regulation for after-market modifications to certain vehicles. The limousine, which was originally a Ford Excursion before it was sawed in half and retrofitted into a limo, blew through a stop sign in the major accident that